In the crypto world there many Benefits and Privileges normally reserved for the crypto whales… but with the SCCI Founders’ Inner Circle these benefits and privileges are now available to you.

You can’t buy your way into the SCCI Founders’ Inner Circle, you must earn it. Members of the Founders’ Inner Circle will have EXCLUSIVE Access Benefits and Privileges Including:

  • Early Access to Crypto Projects (ICOs, NFTs, Vaults and more)
  • Advance ICO Offerings (using SCCI Rewards Points)
  • Exclusive Founders’ Inner Circle Initial Coin Offerings
  • Whitelisting Founders’ Inner Circle Member for Special Projects
  • Exclusive Monthly Newsletter directly from our SCCI’s Founders
  • Much More

Standout of the Crowd

The Founders’ Inner Circle is one of the ways SCCI can identify and help a limited number of members experience greater success by giving them early access and exclusive offerings.

Early Access and Exclusive Offerings

Are you ready to get Early Access and Exclusive Offerings as Founders’ Inner Circle member?

Remember you can’t buy your way into the Founders’ Inner Circle; But you can easily EARN your way there. 

How do you earn your way into the Founders’ Inner Circle in 2022?

Just 5 new SCCI member referrals and you will be qualified for the Founders’ Inner Circle for the 1st Quarter of 2023, which is very important.

Because SCCI will have two huge offerings in the 1st quarter of 2023 and as a Founders’ Inner Circle Member you will get to participate in both. 

Have you dreamed about being that person… the one at the front of the line that gets all the breaks? No need to dream about it any longer, just refer 5 new SCCI Members by 12/31/22 and you will be!

Limited Membership?

Over the next couple of years, SCCI expect to have millions of Members but the Founders’ Inner Circle will be Limited to a Few Thousand Members

Secure Your Spot to the Founders’ Inner Circle Today

Refer a Friend

Not only can you earn your way to the Founders’ Inner Circle by referring friends, but you’ll also earn $25,000 ST_USDC for every single friend you refer.  Here’s how:

Simply click the Refer a Friend button below. From there, you can enter up to 5 Friend’s email address at a time. Your friends will receive an email with instructions on signing up. Plus, they’ll receive a double signup bonus of $50,000 ST_USDC if they’re one of the first 5,000 to sign up.