Rewards Program

Rewards Program Explanation

The standard starting Simulated Cryptocurrency for new members is $25,000. Members can earn Bonuses:

  • $100 SC Bonus every day you are active on 
  • $1,000 SC Bonus if you are active for 7 straight days
  • $5,000 SC Bonus if you’re active for 30 straight days
  • Special Prelaunch Bonus refer a friend and receive an extra 250,000 NUO Token Airdrop

When a member has more the $25,000 in Simulated Cryptocurrency, they can trade up to $100,000 each calendar month for Rewards Points.

Simulated Cryptocurrency (SC) convert to Rewards Points (RPs) at a rate of $1 SC to 10 RPs

Once a member has RPs, they will be able to be used in one of SCCIs new Launchpad Projects.  SCCI’s first Launchpad project is the NUO Token for NFT Utility Optimizer (NFTUO).  NFTUO is a new dApp scheduled to launch in early January 2023 that is focused on passive income vaults and optimizing NFT utilities.  

How the NUO Launchpad will work:

-SCCI Reward Points will convert at 1 to 1 for NUO Tokens. 

-SCCI Members will be able to secure up to 1,000,000 NUO Tokens per month (based on their available rewards points).

-NUO Tokens will be available exclusively to SCCI Members until the designated launchpad tokens have been distributed.

The above rewards points bonuses are in addition to the 250,000 NUO Token Airdrop for each SCCI Member you refer.

And if you refer five (5) SCCI Members by 12/31/23 you become a member of the Founders’ Inner Circle and that is Gigantic.

The kinds of Benefits and Privileges normally reserved for whales are now available to Members through the Founders’ Inner Circle.

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