Simulated Cryptocurrency Trading – A Safe Way to Learn…

And an Unique Way to Earn Real Crypto

Its Free
It’s Easy
It’s Fun
It’s Realistic
It’s Rewarding

It’s Free

When you sign up for FREE SCCI Gives you $25,000 in Simulated Cryptocurrency (SC) to get started. It is free to sign up and it’s free to participate in every aspect of the SCCI Club. SCCI will never even ask you for any payment information.

Join Today, It’s Free

It’s Easy

In January 2023, the SCCI Trading Platform will launch. Signing up during SCCI’s prelaunch makes you eligible for special bonuses including an extra 250,000 NUO Token Airdrop. Sign up now, it takes less than a minute.

Join Today, It’s Easy

It’s Fun

The SCCI Platform will be gamified. You can earn extra Simulated Cryptocurrency for:

  • $100 SC Bonus every day you are active on the
  • $1,000 SC Bonus if you are active for 7 straight days
  • $5,000 SC Bonus if you’re active for 30 straight days
Join Today, It’s Fun

It’s Realistic

You will be able to trade your SC for simulated Bitcoin, simulated ETH, simulated XRP and hundreds of other coins at their current market price. As the SCCI Platform grows you will be able learn to and actively trade, mine, stake and farm your simulated crypto. The SCCI Club is a safe environment to become an expert crypto investor.

Join Today, It’s Realistic

It’s Rewarding

Your SC profits earned from trading and through bonuses may be converted into SCCI Rewards Points. Rewards Points are eligible to be used for real crypto coins, token and NFTs for SCCI’s launchpad partners. See the SCCI Rewards Program Page for more details.

Join Today, It’s Rewarding

Become an Expert Crypto Investor on the… It’s 100% Free to Every SCCI Member!

100% Free for all Members. Use simulated cryptocurrency while you Learn.

Convert your simulated trading profits and bonuses into real crypto coins, token and NFTs

The SCCI.Club is a Simulated Investing platform that is designed to help you learn. When you’re ready to try out the real crypto market, you can trade-in your simulated profits for real coins, tokens and NFTs to get started.

Road Map

3rd Quarter 2022

  • Double Sign-Up Bonus $25,000 Simulated Crypto
  • Referral Bonus $25,000 Simulated Crypto

4th Quarter 2022

  • Double Sign-Up Bonus Ends 12/31
  • First Launchpad Partner announced to Members.

1st Quarter 2023

  • Launch
  • First Token Launchpad Project Begins
  • Rewards Program Fully Functional

2nd Quarter 2023

  • Simulated Staking Begins
  • First NFT Launchpad projected Released

3rd Quarter 2023

  • Simulated DeFi Farming Begins
  • Simulated DeFi Mining Begins